We are a small bunch of people who like cycling in very different ways. le melo is at home in Munich, our production near the Austrian Mattsee and we somewhere between Berlin and Vienna. No, we haven't been around that long. We don't have any centuries-old recipes. Why should we? We want to rethink things and design performance products that fit into the here-and-now! Our sports drinks are the first step of many.


Trust yourself - because it's all about your performance! You've given it your all, now it's time for a product that won't let you down. le melo is effective, transparent and bullshit-free. You have a high standard, why rely on drinks that don't get you anywhere?

Performance products - no matter what form - here's what you can always count on from us: Our ingredients are tested, analyzed and perfectly matched to each other. Because for us, quality begins with the premium raw material.