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le melo® electrolyte drinks buy online ✓ Electrolyte drinks or isotonic sports drinks are used to compensate for fluid and nutrient loss during sports. le melo electrolyte drinks to meet your physical needs before, during and after exercise. Electrolytes are important to achieve the best results at all times. 

When the sweat flows - electrolyte drinks from le melo

The loss of body fluids inevitably leads to a decrease in performance, especially when training in hot environments. Therefore, all individuals who exercise, train, and/or compete are advised to rehydrate and replace fluids and electrolytes lost during exercise, especially through sweating. Maintaining adequate hydration is not only a physiological necessity, but it also contributes to a performance advantage and reduces the risk of medical problems or injury due to fluid loss.

Athletes need electrolytes. Sports drinks can help to rebalance the mineral balance

Are you looking for an electrolyte drink that's easy to carry and comes in a variety of flavors? Look no further. We have a wide selection of electrolyte drinks and sticks for sports nutrition that are perfect for any activity.

Our le melo electrolyte mixes are ideal for sports like running, cycling, hiking or tennis - whether you're on the road or at the gym. The sticks are easy to dissolve or mix with water - and the subtle taste makes them easy to consume. Plus, the sticks contain important minerals that are lost through sweating. So you can supply yourself with electrolytes before or during sports.

The electrolytes and other active ingredients in our sticks are ideal and light companions on tours with only 10g per stick. If the electrolytes are needed during the tour, they can simply be dissolved in water on the go. Or if you want to keep it simple and work out at the gym, for example, just mix our le melo sports drink at home before you go there.


Electrolyte drinks - the hydration drinks for athletes

Endurance athletes such as cyclists or runners can quickly become deficient in minerals, vitamins and electrolytes during training. This can affect their performance in competition. A sports drink with electrolytes is a great way to replace these vital nutrients while providing the energy you need to stay focused on your goal.


Various electrolytes, such as magnesium, potassium and calcium, are lost through sweat during longer training sessions such as a marathon or triathlon and must be replenished accordingly. Our products contain special electrolyte solutions that help the body regain its balance. Our selection includes low-carbohydrate products without added carbohydrates as well as products with added carbohydrates for fast energy production. In addition, our products contain extra L-carnitine for better performance during training and competitions such as a marathon or triathlon.

Our powdered sports drinks for mixing come in a variety of flavors, including pink grapefruit, yuzu and watermelon.



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