From 0 to 100 with every sip

We founded le melo to create a balance between taste and function in the world of sports drinks. Functional sports drinks should also be fun! We firmly believe that high-quality ingredients enable optimal hydration and take your performance to the next level. And all with good taste!

... that's how it started

When we, Malte and Tom, saw the long ingredient lists of sports drinks, we knew it was time for something new. We were driven by the question of whether taste and function could finally go hand in hand. This is how le melo was born - our sports drink that tastes good and gives you exactly what you need for your endurance training, without any ifs or buts.

... that's where we are today

Today le melo is at the top - thanks to your great feedback and because we have made what is probably the tastiest drink ever. More than every second customer comes back because we don't just talk, we deliver. With le melo we have brought more than just a drink to the market, we have started a movement for better, healthier and tastier drinking in sport. And that's just the beginning!

... That's where we want to go

No matter what pace, no matter what sport - when it comes to endurance, le melo is the only true sports drink. And we want to convince many more athletes of this. And we want to get as many 5-star reviews as possible 😉.